Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pizza Week!

*^O^||3 eatIt's raining pizza at work! *^O^||3 eat


*:D big grin What a fun and food-filled workweek! *:D big grin

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brunch at Café Mary Grace

The perks of having a highschool friend-doctor: 
*:-B nerdpersonal medical consultations + girl-bonding after doctor's duty *^O^||3 eat

cozy interiors
Classic Ensaymada
Vongole Pasta
Sangria Iced Tea
Classic Carbonara

Thanks my everdear Dra. Dhes for taking special care of me today. *:D big grin

Café Mary Grace
Ground Floor, The Block
SM City North EDSA

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Birthday cupcakes

Lovely sweet treats for my sister

Mini-red velvet cupcakes that look pretty good, and taste even far pretty better

Cupcakes con Cariño

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cupcakes Con Cariño

My dear friend Clarisse would be leaving for Canada next month and for the last time, I'd like to give her some more memories she could cherish and hold on to when she's already thousands of miles away from us.

To say that Clarisse loves minions is just putting it rather mildly. Her workstation alone says a thousand words. I haven't even personally seen her bedroom and I don't need to for I already have an idea. So aside from the despedida lunch I had in mind, I've also thought of spoiling her with irresistible minion treats. And that's when I turned to Cupcakes Con Cariño.


A quick visit to my blogs would give you an idea just how much of an earnest cupcake lover I am. I've never tried baking cupcakes myself but I'm enthusiastic about them and I highly-appreciate the love and devotion that usually come with the painstaking preparation of every single lovely cupcake I've had. The mere sight of these fancy little sweets never fails to make me all gushy and inspired. *;;) batting eyelashes

Upon picking-up my order, I felt so giddy and excited that I can't wait to go to Clarisse and hand her my surprise. I just knew she would love them. The cupcakes are so cute and passionately-prepared and I just had to take a gazillion pictures of them before I give them away.
*&[] gift

Of course, I also seized this chance of ordering for myself, only that I ordered the mini-ones which came in a box of 25. I was initially so torn between choosing chocolate and red velvet which are both perpetual favorites of mine. I've already tried these classic flavors from other cupcake stores countless times and since I'm trying-out a new brand, I'm excited to try and find out if Cupcakes con Cariño also delivers the same yumminess as the really good ones I've tried. I've finally decided to go for chocolate since the the rest of our family are classic chocolate lovers to begin with. And I could always order red velvet next time anyway, I consoled myself.

I was in chocolate cupcake heaven. Just imagine the torment I was inflicting upon myself for every passing minute I had to take photos of them first before I grab my very first bite. Just like Clarisse's minion cupcakes, mine were also like little tikes enticing me to finally give-in to the yummy goodness that they promise. I love how they're so deliciously moist and not too sweet and even after placing them inside the ref, the cake base is still moist. I prefer the frosting to be always quite gooey so I just let the cupcake sit at room temperature for a few minutes before I indulge myself each time. And what I also love about these cute little treats is that they don't make me feel like I've had too much of a good thing. I could eat two or even three in a row and still feel guilt-free. They're divine!
*:x lovestruck

Clarisse just sent me a message moments ago and she informed me she's packing some of her stuff again. I told her she might be including her minion cupcakes to bring with her to Canada. She told me they already ate all of the cupcakes and that her mom and her sisters love them too. I'm happy how she's been so happy. I made the right choice with Cupcakes Con Cariño.
*:D big grin

These may be just cupcakes to some but not to me. They're reminders of how we should strive to live passionately, always with purpose and meaning. They're reminders and instruments of spreading happiness and sharing blessings, however we're abled to by the Almighty. With each bite, I could tell there's so much passion and happiness that go into each cupcake, and the same positive feelings, manifested by smiles and delighted cheers from friends, just ripple further the more these tiny lovely cakes are shared with others. *:) happy

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Despedida Lunch at Yabu

First, it was Edna. Now, it's Clarisse.*:( sad

Clarisse and I often talked about her trip to Canada, albeit nonchalantly. And each time the topic is brought up, however slightly, my heart would always ache a bit.
*=(( broken heart I'm just well-aware that things won't be the same again once she finally leaves for good.
I'm happy for the grand opportunities that await my friend but I have to admit I'm a bit sad to see her go and she'll be away for a looong time. There's no telling when will she be back and no denying I'll terribly miss her when she's gone.
I'll miss her funny and endearing antics, *:)) laughing her loudness, her fondness to surprise people, our Chokiss bonding, and many other fun memories.

I'll always hold dear the fun we've had and her effervescent personality that never fail to perk-up dreary days. Even when the going gets tough and serious, she always manages to bring-out everyone's jolly instincts. Through her apparent ways, she's always able to sneak-in some laughs here and there,*=)) rolling on the floor unveiling some of the highly-kept funny bone secrets of even the most stoic of faces.

I'll definitely seize the opportunity to visit her in Canada when the right time comes. For now though, I have to deal with my separation anxieties first, for I know in my heart I won’t be able to physically hug her anymore whenever we catch-up on each other or have coffee when we both have our free time to spare. Things will just never be the same again. I'm comforting myself with the thought that atleast I have another close friend in another country and that very much makes me look forward to also visiting that other part of the world.

I believe in the saying 'friends are the family we choose..'. Having Clarisse for a friend is just like having another little sister and whenever I realize just how much I'm blessed through my friends, I'm reminded all the more just how beautiful and precious life is. Even if friends are oceans apart, bonds made won't be easily forgotten, most especially once friends have felt and known in essence, even with individual differences and idiosyncrasies, how hearts could understand other hearts.
*:) happy

Yabu: The House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City
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