Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yolanda Bends, not Breaks, the Filipino

Ang sarap at ang saya maging Pilipino!!!



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lunch at The Red Crab

Clarisse and I met yesterday at Eastwood City basically to just hang-out, one of our many 'very spur-of-the-moment' meet-ups. But since we've had commitments prior to the meet-up and we're already quite tired and hungry, we delved within the vicinity for some really good eats.

We've decided to go for The Red Crab at the ground floor of the Eastwood Mall. Clarisse and Edna had dinner there before so Clarisse was quick to voice-out that she's not a big fan of crabs because she's allergic to them. Edna ended up eating the crabs alone and just brought home whatever was left during that dinner. Alright, no problem with me. No crabs for now, maybe next time.
*:> smug

Clarisse and I consequently just went for some familiar Filipino fares on the menu --- the ideal combination of Lechon Kawali and Laing, and of course, not without an ample serving of steamed white rice. Ours was a very simple and typical Filipino lunch but we would rave every once-in-a-while about how the meat was so tender and how the Lechon Kawali and the Laing perfectly complimented each other. What a very delicious and satisfying lunch! *;;) batting eyelashes

I'm really amused how unplanned meet-ups with friends could end up with so much fun and fantastic eats. Maybe I shouldn't be planning too much moving forward and just go with wherever the winds would take me. I'll never know again what surprises these moments may bring and may even promise me another round of happy tummy.


The Red Crab
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall,
Libis, Quezon City

Monday, March 3, 2014

Thoughtful Surprise!

*&lt:-P partyI got a belated birthday surprise today from my 'recently-proclaimed, instant twin sister'.*&lt:-P party

Yummy mini-cheesecake! How sweet and thoughtful!
*:D big grin Thanks so much Clarisse!!! *:D big grin

Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday's Eve Lunch at Café Mary Grace

I just texted my highschool dears last Saturday. Even I have lost track of the days. *?@_@? studying If it wasn't for some of my friends at work who have already been greeting me in advance for my birthday *&lt:-P party, it might have not even crossed my mind to begin with. Good thing some of my highschool friends are free to celebrate with me during this time of the year again. This has been a yearly thing for us (please see previous years here and here) and it's important for me that they're a part of it, regardless how simple the celebration or how mundane the moments we spent with each other. *>:D< big hug

Wild Raspberry Iced Tea
Classic Carbonara
Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta
Pasta Ametriciana w/ Italian Meatballs

Lunch was at Café Mary Grace in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City. Shortly after our indulgent lunch and gabfest, we all agreed to watch a movie and headed to the nearby The Block at SM North EDSA where the movie schedule was more amenable to us than that of Trinoma. Another fun-filled, almost spur-of-the-moment, birthday's eve celebration I'll hold dear always. *&[] gift

Café Mary Grace
Ground Floor, Trinoma Mall
North Ave. corner Mindanao Ave.
Quezon City

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Despedida Dinner

It had been a tiresome yet productive Friday. Edna and I both had important commitments we needed to highly-prioritize during the day. I, for one, was so dead-tired and just really wanted to sleep the hours away as the week ends again. But what I can't shake off my mind was the fact that Edna will eventually be leaving for Canada the following Monday and we won't have any other chance anymore to bond again before she leaves Manila for good. I didn't want to let the moments pass and regret choosing rest and sleep over making fun-filled and meaningful memories. I could sleep the whole weekend if I want to, and sleep will always find me anyway, I consoled myself. It was that night or never.

I seized whatever little sleep I could get, my whole body still trying to recover from the cathartic fatigue and my weary feet, from an almost whole day of walking. Still, in between subconscious glimpses, I could almost very audibly hear my inner voice telling me it's time to get-up, prepare, and head to Eastwood City and meet-up with Edna for dinner. I knew Edna was also exhausted and would rather rest but she's game, nonetheless, for our very last girlbonding, at least in Manila. Before I knew it, there we were again in the vibrant Eastwood City, joined by another effervescent soul, Clarisse, enjoying the precious moments that could be grasp within the confines of another happy weekend. *:D big grin

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